Why WebCharge?

WebCharge is a powerful yet simple to use Content Management System (CMS) that contains a host of features suitable for powering websites of all sizes from small personal blogs to fully blown e-commerce websites and online communities.

WebCharge is a flexible, robust, hosted CMS which can help you to create and manage search engine friendly web sites. WebCharge's flexibility comes in it's modular format and allows a host of different types of content to be managed, more on this can be found in our What Does it Do section.

WebCharge contains a host of powerful features designed to make managing websites extremely easy. The features of the WebCharge interface include:

  • Templated content
    Build multiple and hierarchical templates that can be reused throughout your website.
  • In site content editing
    The WebCharge content editor allows you to see your content within the context of your website as you create and edit it. The whole web page is loaded into the content editor but the bulk of the page is greyed out with the editable regions specifc to the page being edited highlighted.
  • Rich text content editor
    Manage the website content using familiar word processing tools as well as some useful custom tools.
  • Copy and paste content from Word and other word processing packages
    WebCharge provides an interface for receiving content copied from other software packages and then automatically strips out invalid markup code whilst retaining your original formatting.
  • Drag and drop repositioning
    Change the order of items couldn't be easier, simply click and drag items to the required position.
  • Document Checkout / Checkin
    Collaborate on documents and preserve internal links using the checkout/in facilities.
  • One click activation and timed content
    Easily publish content to your website at the click of a button and also specify live and expiry dates.
  • Intuitive interface
    The WebCharge interface is designed to make content management simple. The interface is unobtrusive, making your content the star and is consistent so that the same methods apply throughout the system. The system is also hierarchical and utilses a familiar tab based layout allowing you to have multiple section open at any one time.

To get started with WebCharge visit our get started page